Build relationships. Make sales. Promote your goods. Gather data. Magnum's email marketing software and live chat delivers powerful, user-friendly and affordable tools to create, send and track high-performance email and newsletter campaigns with social media and live chat features.

use and live chat feature (MagnumChat 2.5)

You now have the ability to live chat with all recipients of your email campaign. Versus waiting for them to call you or email you back as a hard contact, now you can proactively engage each website vistor that received your email. Our CEO Anthony-Scott Hobbs details Magnum Chat 2.5 in the videos below.

Use MagnumChat with your email marketing and turn visitors of your website into leads. More leads for higher sales, increased customers service, or enhanced technical support. As an extra value, use Magnum Chat with all of your PPC (pay per click) or banner advertising. Use MagnumChat to track and communicate with every website visitor!




MagnumChat 2.5 is a stand alone live chat platform that works conjunctively with MagnumChat 2.5 has a separate email campaign feature that integrates with SIGN UP FOR AN EMAILYOURLIST.COM ACCOUNT FIRST. THEN, To use MagnumChat 2.5 you will need to do the following three steps:

1) Download the MagnumChat 2.5 software to your desktop. Click here to download.

2) Copy and paste the following script on each page at the bottom of each webpage of your site just before the '<body>' tag.

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Contact Magnum's at 866.570.4729 to turn on the account.